Bid Leveling - where centralization does actual good

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Bid Leveling - where centralization does actual good

In traditional tendering procedure, the project owner and/or cost consultant have to invite the bidders with the tender packages including drawings, specification, blank BOQ, and etc., via email. The bidders and cost consultant (quantity surveyor) send bidder acceptance form, answers, query sheets back and forth via email. Stakeholders use only email as the formal communication channel in which many excel spread sheets for bill of quantities, hundreds of drawings, and specification are transferred. That traditional via-email-only  communication has informal phone calls as a risky backup that may cause data duplication, become misleading and unnecessarily create gap and leakage of information as well as time waste and human errors in the whole process of tendering stage. No matter what the project complexity level and construction volume is, high chances are likely for internal and external negative risks in tendering procedures and practices.

 Procore’s Bid Management can help to minimize time waste in preparing for  the bidding stage and during the bidding time. The overview dashboard will show  details of bid packages, due date and time, number of bid invitation and status of each bidder for monitoring and controlling purposes. Pre-Bid Information such as RFI deadline and site walkthrough can be scheduled, accordingly. When creating the bid package, the Procore Bid Management can systematically attach  drawings, documents, and specifications. The bid package easily accommodates change, editing and addition; and the system will notify all the bidders with  complete information updates. It is also possible to check and track the change history in details.

Now, Bid Management 2.0 has new  feature called “Bid Leveling”. The user can compare all the bid packages that bidders have submitted. The items  that highlight scope of work, quotation and unit price can be automatically compared. Thus, the user can easily analyze the data and can create comments on Procore. After the bid comparison, it can easily award purchase order status to the bid winner in the system. This streamline bid management in the form of centralized system can save a lot of time for the owner and bidders giving accurate information for bid package. Successful bidding leads to significant cost saving and constant compliance. In the end this reduces risk of change orders and delays.

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