Reducing Design-Conflicts at Your Fingertips

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Reducing Design-Conflicts at Your Fingertips

Reducing Design-Conflicts at Your Fingertips

          One design discipline carries  technicality, perception, perspective, and concept different from another. When there is a need for  integration, challenges come in to affect project in different ways depending on its complexities and uniqueness. At implementing and monitoring design and construction processes, Architects and Engineers need to achieve highest accuracy and ensure none to least human errors. The best way is to compare designs effectively and    modify what needed efficiently while maintaining good collaboration among parties.  For example, the engineer has to install in the ceiling the sensor, smoking detector, Wi-Fi router, and sprinklers in way that gets each device functionally cover maximum area in the room while the interior designer practically prioritizes the aesthetic view of the ceiling.  They need to have ways and means to compare their technical drawings and layouts, well integrate their works and best reduce  conflicts in design.

          Also, in the design development stage,  principal architects, local architects, interior designers, MEP designers, structural designers etc., are required to integrate their designs to avoid and remove clashes and overlaps. The 3D models’ integration on BIM is popular among many designers and consultants of many projects. However, not every construction project in Thailand makes BIM mandatory. Thus, many designers and consultants has no other choices than manually drawing in 2D on PDF that overlays different design principles. This is done by visual comparison where human errors, operational mistakes and design flaws are common, causing high risks to the design work.  

          Procore comes in rescue with its automatic drawing overlaying features to reduce the pain points of clashes among different design disciplines, perspectives, and technicalities. The point is that engineers  perform their design technicality that involves devices, equipment and systems. On the other hand, it is also important to prioritize the interior designer’s perspective and concept to get the aesthetic design. The drawing overlaying feature will help to identify  clashes for the stakeholders to be able to adjust and revise copies to the optimum design and conditions.  

          This feature supports effective coordination, communication, and collaboration among the designers, consultants, contractors, and owners. Using the system, the designers become aware of technical difficulties and challenges their counterparts are facing.  This Procore feature also reduces design-and constructability-related conflicts among different designers and engineers in the project, hence minimizes rework, and saves time.

          In conclusion, to better your work performance, quality management, and minimize the hustle of work pressure, you can opt for  the automatic Procore 2D overlaying feature and be able to best monitor the drawings right at your fingertips. 





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