Beyond the Cutting Edge of Automatic Detection of Drawing Revisions

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Beyond the Cutting Edge of Automatic Detection of Drawing Revisions

Beyond the Cutting Edge of Automatic Detection of Drawing Revisions
By Akary Tun Thein

          In project life cycle, after the design stage, stakeholders can expect many revisions  from conceptual drawing to as-built drawing. In  drawing revisions,  changes can be made to  materials and specifications due to client requirements, needs or requests, regarding  constructability or of  desired technology. These  factors significantly affect the project timeline, cost, method of statement and quality of delivery.   All types  of projects, though different in complexity, have  drawing revision process and its effects as key to the project management. These days, to enhance the process,  industrial professionals have entrusted their work to cloud-based document management or cloud-based project management system over the traditional on-site and off-site management counterparts.

          With Procore’ s  outstanding  Project Management Pro Module, when the user uploads drawing revisions to a project, the technology will recognize the drawing number and interpret the file as a duplicate of the original  upload and mark it as a revised drawing to ensure no confusion. The new entry  will automatically appear under the Revision History of the existing drawing. This  is a cutting edge feature of Procore technology to put your project beyond technical frontier.

          Uploading revised drawings on the cloud system is fundamental to digitalizing project work these days; yet team members may find it challenging.  On Procore platform, professionals can rely on  this one key outstanding feature that automatically detects revised sheets or packages of drawings. As owner’s  representative, the quality surveyor or cost consultant must utilize updated drawings from the designers in calculating an estimated cost from the conceptual design stage to the tendering stage. This Procore’s automatic detection feature will help them solve the issue of human errors, like using wrong drawing revisions and coming up an inaccurate cost estimating and budgeting.

          The prompt detection and recognition of drawing revisions right on the upload by designers on the cloud will ensure no confusions among stakeholders and minimize miscommunication among the designers. The return on investment  of this outstanding feature is priceless in this regard. For example, the MEP designer must use the latest and updated interior design drawing for the system integration. When the software can detect any revision duplication and make alert, the designer surely saves time, needs no rework and faces no conflict s in the team.

          Procore would also put management consultants ahead with its revision recognition features in time management. The management team must monitor and control all the latest and updated drawing from principal architect, interior designer, lighting designer, MEP designer, signage designer, landscape designer and structural designer. Referring to the revision numbers, the project manager can easily read impacts, consequences, and interfacing of the revisions of drawings. Once the status of drawings is updated, the project manager can have conceptual viewing to analysis to manage the schedule to meet milestones.

          To conclude, the new automatic detection and recognition feature of Procore is a breakthrough to digital platform for project management. It emerged  from genius combination of cloud-based systems and AI technology to become a sharping cutting edge of one latest technology that can take your project work  ahead of others. In the end, this Project Management Pro saves time for stakeholders and reduces discrepancies of project designs, drawings and overall management caused by human errors.

          If you would like more details about the product and features or have any inquiries, please contact Propertist Co., Ltd. at Email:


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